Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beira, restoring the pride once she had.

Beira Lake

                  Beira Lake is in the heart of the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The lake is surrounded by many important businesses in the city. It occupied approximately 165 hectares of land 100 years ago and has been reduced to mere 65 hectares today due to various reasons. During the colonial era of the Portugese, and the English the lake was used to transport goods within the city. The lake was originally built before the colonization of the country and connected to many intricate canals providing easy way of transporting goods within the city and suburban cities.

                       During the Colonial era the sight of Beira Lake was a jewel to the Colombo City. But as the time passed by the lake got polluted due to human actions. The lake got filled with waste and the maintenance became abysmal. When it came to 90s the lake became a place where everyone tried to avoid due to the fowl smell of it. But today as movements made by the Urban Development Authority, the Beira Lake is getting a new life. The bio-diversity once it had is getting restored gradually and from most of the parts waste got cleared. 

                       We hope that this initiative would be a utter success and we would be able to see the Beira Lake with the beauty and grandeur it had during early days.


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